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How to Pick a WordPress Theme or Which Features are Important When Choosing a WordPress Theme?

How to Pick a WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for functionality beyond what a blog provides, then you may want to consider a WordPress CMS.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS), based on PHP and MySQL. According to, WordPress is used on over 16 million websites, and known for its usability, flexibility, and constant updates.

There are many different themes and plugins that can be used to customize your website. WordPress is supported by a community that can help you find any help you need for your WordPress site.

There are lots of different content management systems that can be used to build websites, but WordPress is a CMS that is easy to use and free. It is ideal for creative people who aren’t familiar with the technologies behind a CMS or for developers who want a browser-based interface to develop a website.

WordPress is a solid choice for a wide range of people, and there are many resources to help novices learn how to use it. It supports a wide range of options to customize the system to fit your needs, and tutorials abound for users of all skill levels.

When you create a new blog or website with the WordPress content management system, you’re actually using a pre-made set of files that determine your website’s appearance. These files are called a theme, and there are thousands that you can download from the WordPress theme directory.

In fact, WordPress themes have become so popular that they can be used outside of WordPress, and have been modified to be used as templates for eBay, MySpace, and even a website for a small business.

Trying a new WordPress theme can be a good way to breathe new life into a site that’s grown stale, or to avoid the confusion of trying to build a custom site from scratch.

People also Ask

1. What is a free wordpress theme?

A free wordpress theme is just that. A free theme that you can use to create a website. Usually, these are not the best-looking sites, but are created for people who are more interested in creating a site quickly and easily, rather than getting it looking exactly the way they want.

2. What is a premium wordpress theme?

The premium WordPress themes are those themes which are bought from a professional WordPress development company.

It includes a license which gives a person a right to use the theme on a single domain or even a sub-domain.

They usually charge a fixed fee to either download the theme from the company’s website or from a marketplace. They are not free, but they are high quality themes with a lot of attention to detail.

3. Is it hard to build your own WordPress theme?

Yes, it is hard. I have been using WordPress for about 2-3 years and have developed a lot of themes. I can tell you from experience, building a WordPress theme is not a walk in the park. To succeed, you have to have a lot of patience.

I have been to so many forums and watched so many videos to know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to build a WordPress theme in my opinion, you should at least be familiar with WordPress’ inbuilt functions.

 For instance, you should know how to use the loop, conditional tags like is_archive, is_post_type_archive, is_home . It is also good if you know how to use the WordPress template hierarchy.

It will be very important when you are creating your own WordPress theme. To be honest, it is the best if you know PHP, but it is not necessary. A lot of people out there are building WordPress themes without knowing how to code in PHP, so you can definitely do it too.

The important thing is to put in the time and effort.

4. What is the difference between a free and premium theme?

Answer A. A free theme can be described as a theme that is available for free, but the problem with Free themes is that they are usually limited in features, lack support and documentation.

Most users also complain about not being able to find free themes that match the needs of their future website project. On the other hand, premium themes are not free, but the best of them are highly customizable, supported and documented.

They are also regularly updated to take advantage of the latest WordPress features.

Answer B. Free themes are created by developers for the purpose of giving new users a chance to experience the benefits of the theme and decide if they would like to purchase it.

Premium themes are created by professional developers and website designers and are marketed to people with a specific need for a particular style of template.

5. What is the difference between a WordPress template and a theme?

The big difference between a WordPress template and a theme for WordPress is that a template does not have customized styling or unique content. It is a basic framework for you to add your content and styling.

In other words, a template is a much more flexible alternative to a theme because you can add your own content. The biggest difference between WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes is the design, features and support.

Premium themes are a combination of a design and a set of features which work well together.

These themes are carefully designed and developed by a team of professional designers and developers. Premium themes also come with a dedicated support service.

6. What is a child theme? Should I use a child theme?

You have a static website and want a blog feature, so you install a blog plugin. You have a static website and want a forum feature, so you install a forum plugin.

This is how it should work, right? The problem with these plugins is that if you ever want to change your theme (and you will), you might end up losing the content on your site. A child theme saves you from this issue by allowing you to change your theme without losing your content.

You can download many free child theme options online, but remember that the premium ones will always be more stable and reliable.

7. When do you use a child theme compared to a parent theme?

If you have a blog or a website, you would have to have a theme. Most of the times those themes are available as a parent theme or a child theme. So, basically the question is when do you use a child theme.

In case of a blog, a child theme is a better option because you can update it whenever you want to. Whereas the parent theme is the one that you have to update from time to time. In case of a blog,

A child theme is a better option because you can update it whenever you want to. Whereas the parent theme is the one that you have to update from time to time.

Child themes are something which every WP user should know. It is different from the other types of themes to ensure that your changes are never lost. Forgetting to upgrade the parent theme to the latest version can cause the child theme to stop working.

So always use child themes for greater safety. Make sure to read the article mentioned above for better details about this topic.

8. What is an advantage of using a WordPress theme to build a website?

Starting a website is not the hardest thing in the world, but it takes effort to build a site that looks nice and is easy to use. There are lots of free themes that you can download to get you started, but paid themes are usually much better.

You can download one for free, but then you will have to spend the time to learn how to use it. With a paid theme, you can just download it and start editing right away. Also, free themes may be free,, but the cost of the server space for the site will be expensive. Paid themes are cheaper than that.

9. How can a blog owner choose a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a pre-made design for a blog. There are a lot of different types of themes available for a blog, each with its own look and feel. In order to choose a theme, you should first decide on the type of blog you want to run.

Are you planning on running a business blog, a personal blog, a news blog, a gaming blog, a movie blog, a blog about health and fitness, a blog about sports, a blog about pets, an auto blog, a blog about your city, etc?

Blog owners should consider the following things before choosing a theme for their blog:

1. Clean & Modern Design – Clean & modern design makes your blog look good and attractive.

2. Responsive Theme – Responsive theme is essential for mobile users.

3. SEO Optimized Theme – SEO optimized theme makes your site rank higher in search engines.

4. Easy Customization – A theme which is easy to customize makes it very easy to make changes to your website.

5. Screenshot of the theme – This is important if you are not able to see or test the theme. You can take screenshot of your site and check for any errors.

6. Mobile friendly – Most of the people use mobile to browse the Internet, so having mobile friendly theme is must.

10. What are the main features of WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is a template for your blog. It is a collection of HTML, CSS, JS and other elements.

Most WordPress themes come with features such as custom menus, header or gallery images, banner ads, built-in plug-ins, sidebar widgets and more.

There are many WordPress themes available in the market, and you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.

11. How to find the right WordPress theme for your needs?

To choose a theme for your WordPress, you need to consider a few things, firstly, you must find a theme that can make your website stand out. Secondly, the theme should support the latest plug-ins and also help you to earn money.

To find a theme, first, you can include a few keywords in your search words to narrow your search. There are thousands of themes available on the web for WordPress, but not all of them are as good as they claim.

So to avoid disappointment, do a little research before you buy a WordPress theme. There are many online resources that can help you to choose a theme. Most of the popular themes are available on the official WordPress theme website.

12. How can you know if a WordPress theme is well-made or not?

You can tell a good WordPress theme from a bad one by the number of positive reviews and ratings it has. A popular WordPress theme attracts a lot of users, and a big number of users will inevitably experience problems with it.

If a theme has a lot of negative reviews and is poorly rated, this is a sign that the theme is probably bad. A really great WordPress theme will have a high positive-to-negative ratio of reviews and ratings, and a low number of negative reviews in general.

13. What is the biggest mistake you ever made when designing your blog?

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my blog design was not setting up my blog for optimal SEO.

As a blogger, you should be aware that a terrible SEO strategy will get your site penalized, which means you’ll get fewer clicks, less traffic, and fewer page views. Another mistake I’ve committed was, I didn’t put a related post section at the end of my post.

Readers don’t want to keep visiting a blog page to read a new post, instead they’d prefer to see all the older posts from the same blog post together.

This might encourage them to read other posts from the same blog too, which is a great way to increase readership and site traffic.

14. What should I look for when buying a theme?

When you are looking for a theme, first thing you have to do is to find a theme that is fully responsive. This means that the theme will respond to any screen width. There are themes that are responsive but are not 100% responsive.

This means that the theme will not be fully responsive on the mobile devices. Make sure that the theme is search engine optimized. Your theme should have the search engine optimization title, meta description, alt tags, etc.

Make sure that the theme you are buying is updated regularly. If you are not updated regularly, then the theme will not be updated when there are changes needed.


We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to find the best website platform for your needs. If you’re looking for functionality beyond what a blog provides, then you may want to consider a WordPress CMS.

It can be used for business websites, eCommerce sites, and more. If you’re interested, please give our company a call at. We’d be happy to walk you through our platform and show you how you can use it for your site.