Very Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website in 2022

Hey! want to monetize your blog website? Organic traffic to a blog or website is earned traffic. It’s the kind of traffic you make happen on your own without paying for it, but it can take years of sharing great content to build up. It usually comes from doing keyword research, writing with search engines in mind, and using social networks like Facebook or Pinterest to share your stuff with followers or friends.

If you spend time developing this kind of traffic at your site, you know that it takes months or even years before something works well enough to be considered an effective marketing channel. You have to have patience if you want organic traffic because sometimes there are temporary dips that are inevitable when working towards long-term success!

If you’re lucky enough to get organic traffic to your blog and website, then it’s important to look into how you can turn that into a moneymaker. Organic traffic is doubly valuable when it comes from a place where you have little or no control over it. In other words, people who happen upon your blog/website by accident! So here are four simple ways to monetize your audience if they were so inclined to come back after discovering what your site has to offer the first time around.

Google AdSense:

To start making money with Google Adsense, you need to sign up for an account at Google. Just visit the portal at, or follow that link. When you get there, just click the button that says “Sign Up Now!” and then fill out the form. They’ll ask you to verify your address and then give information about your site(s).

Very Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website in 2022

Just enter what’s true for you – it’s better not to make stuff up if you don’t have to! After this, they will probably approve your site in a few days (it shouldn’t take much longer than that) – when your site is approved by Google, all you need to do is put a tiny bit of code on your website, right in between where <body> finishes and <html> starts in the HTML code for every page on your website. It should be something like this:

Premium Display Ad Networks

The AdSense network has dominated much of the display advertising market for many years, but that’s changing. Now there is a wealth of ad networks available to bloggers, webmasters, and site owners who have established a significant readership base.

Many premium networks offer higher payouts per 1000 visitors than AdSense and some of them even offer CPM-only models rather than CPC or CPA.

I know many SEO experts have been testing whether or not these ad networks outperform AdSense on their website so it’s worth looking into particularly if you’re already serving Adsense ads on your site, though converting from Adsense to another network can be complicated so it would be best to get an expert in this area to tell you whether or not the conversion rate is worthwhile.


[su_quote]In internet advertising, an “impression” is any time the ad is shown on a website. A “click” is any time a user clicks an ad with a mouse pointer. A click is far more important than just an impression. We know clicks are worth more so we would love for you to place some ads online using our services so we can start making money together![/su_quote]

Ad networks have a set of rules for all advertisers. For example, Monumetric has a low threshold for registered publishers who wish to join their network. You simply have to have 10,000 monthly page views with your project in order to register on their site.

These qualifiers might seem insignificant when you’re just starting out but once you gain traction and reach the point where you’re considering changing ad networks it makes perfect sense that the process will become more complicated because your website’s success will directly affect their company’s success in many ways.

Many companies also have a minimum active time too – this means if they discover that your site is inactive in terms of promotional content being uploaded regularly then they will quickly drop your domain from their network in order to protect the relationships between members in their network and make sure everyone can make money.

Selling Rights to Retarget Your Traffic

Widely known as “remarketing” or “retargeting”, this is the process of displaying ads on the websites that individuals visit showing products that they either recently viewed, searched for, or added to their shopping carts. If patients land on your website and begin searching for instance a product like yours, interested observers can sell their ability to display ads to you.

You can opt not to take advantage of remarketing advertising but it’s worth testing it because even if your audience isn’t huge yet this still gives brands an additional chance to catch potential customers’ attention.

Affiliate Links

While there are plenty of methods for promoting affiliate products on your site– and many of them require a lot of technical and marketing know-how– another simple solution is to make use of affiliate links that already exist. For example, if you’re talking about an online course, consider turning to Amazon or other big-name merchants that offer the product you’re mentioning as an affiliate link within their content.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by using an affiliate network such as Sovrn//Commerce (formerly Viglink). An automatic system will automatically begin monitoring your website and generate affiliate links for any applicable products based on the keywords found throughout your articles/pages!


1. Are you using AdSense or other advertising networks?

Yes. We are running Google Adsense in our blog. But I would suggest you try Adsense with your niche site. You will get lots of revenue if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing or any network marketing or you are providing some kind of services. Refer to this article for more details.

2. Are you getting good results from your ads?

Ads are the best for traffic for your website, but not so good for conversions. The conversion rate of your website may be very low for the first few months. And it takes time to optimize your website to get desired conversion rate. So it is advised to run the ads first and then optimize the website later on. And write more content on Quora, because it is an effective way of getting targeted web traffic.

3. Are you satisfied with the ads shown on your site?

A- The answer to the question is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Google is the biggest search engine that can show you relevant ads. You see, there is no other way for Google to make money except through paid ads. And you can’t blame them for this. But to make the best of Google Adsense, it is better to display ads that are relevant to the content of your web page.

This does not mean you will lose money. You can still earn by showing relevant ads on your site. It will help your visitors to stay longer on-page and click on the ads. It will also show an interest in what your visitor is interested in. You should never blindly copy ads that are elsewhere on the web. Google Adsense is very smart to detect that. You need to understand what you should do so that your site will not be banned. Read this post for more details on how to display ads to Google Adsense.

B- We do show ads on our site and we like to think we take a responsible and ethical approach to the ads we display and how we display them. For example, we ban certain ad types from being shown on our site. These include ads that have been reported as scams or phishing scams.

If we have a large number of complaints about a certain ad, we remove it from our site. Sometimes, ad providers violate our terms of use and we have to disable their ads. We also track the number of clicks every ad receives. In fact, we have a dedicated department to ensure that we have a high-quality user experience on our site. Hiring a dedicated team of customer service representatives goes a long way towards ensuring a positive experience for everyone!

4. What is the best thing about using advertising networks?

Online advertising is becoming more and more popular, with traditional media channels being replaced by online methods. Ad networks are part of the equation since they are responsible for matching advertisers to publishers.

If you are thinking, “What are some of the best things about using advertising networks?” then the first thing you should know is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ad networks all competing for your money. That means you have access to a selection of the best possible ad networks to choose from. This on its own already gives you a competitive edge.


We hope that this blog article has provided you with some useful information on why you should be using display ads. If you are looking to put ads on your site, then we hope that this article has helped you to decide which type of ads would suit your blog. If you are looking for more information on the topic, then feel free to contact us anytime for more help. Thank you for reading our article, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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