How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

How to Verify a Facebook Page? Don’t knwo? it’s ok. Many small business owners are looking at the growing popularity of the Facebook community and are wondering how to get verified. With over 1.86 billion active users every month, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and is growing more popular by the day.

Today more than ever, people use Facebook for more than just status updates, changing their relationship status, and posting photos. They go to Facebook to get news, see what’s happening in the world, watch videos, and read articles.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

What is Facebook verification?

Facebook verification is a time-consuming process that generally takes about a week or two, depending on external factors. The process for getting a Facebook profile verified includes a review of inauthentic account creation and ensure that the account in question belongs to an actual living person. We know how important it is for brands to make sure they have everything sorted out when it comes down to proper identification for their Facebook page.

However, the expenses involved in the process might make small businesses think twice when applying for verification. Luckily enough, verifications can be obtained through different channels, such as getting them from form fillers or employing a professional agency to deal with all of these complicated matters.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Facebook verification is an extra step that not everyone is required to go through. It is used to confirm the authenticity of the account holder. Owners of pages with “Verified Page” status need to verify their identities with Facebook. If there is any user who is unhappy with any page, they can report it.

Once reported, Facebook contacts the page owner for verification. The owner can then choose to either verify his or her identity or abandon his or her page. Verify your page to confirm your identity and make your page more credible to viewers.

Why verify your Facebook Page?

Becoming verified on Facebook is probably one of the most important decisions you can make for your company. Not only is this status update feature exciting but it helps establish credibility with potential customers who find you to be an authority or source of inspiration when it comes to matters relating to your industry. For these reasons, becoming verified will inevitably lead to greater revenue streams within your business down the road.

Facebook pages are very useful marketing tools. However, the hardest part about managing your Facebook page is building engagement. Even though likes are not that important in terms of directly becoming more profitable, they do send the message that you’re worth checking out.

As an entrepreneur, this can be important because having more likes shows you’re trustworthy and increases your credibility by showing your audience that others are likely to want to work with or invest in you.

Finally, Facebook verification gains you early access to some new Facebook features that aren’t yet available to all accounts. So you can have an edge over your competitors who may not have the same access.

How to verify your Facebook Page

To verify your Facebook page, you need to make sure that you have enabled the admin account to post on the page. Once you have done that, you can access the Facebook page verification process here. Once you are done, you can check the progress of your verification request here. If you still see “Page not yet verified”, it might take up to 24 hours to complete the verification process.

Sign in to your Facebook business page, then click the ‘About’ section just under the cover photo. Add a link to your website with a descriptive title, which you can find under ‘Settings’ > ‘Basic Info’ > ‘Add a link’. Choose your link from the drop-down menu and click ‘Add Link’. Choose a category from the drop-down menu and enter a short bio.

Choose a URL from the drop-down menu and click ‘Add Link’. Choose a category from the drop-down menu and enter a short bio. Click ‘Update Info’.

Step 1: Head over to the verification request page

To get considered for Facebook verification, you’ll need to fill out and submit this request form.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Step 2: Select the right category for your account

The verification procedure was originally designed to ensure that the accounts are owned by real people. The company has leaned away from this approach somewhat in recent years, but it is still useful to verify an account if you use it for business purposes, especially for those which are relevant at a local level.

If your business started off online and now has (or aims to have) physical branches, the geographical location of both your website and your Facebook Page can also be used as a ground for verifying your account.

Step 2- Select the right category for your account-How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Step 3: Attach identifying documents

Verification of business Pages can be made by uploading identification documents. This includes certificates, phone bills, incorporation papers, and tax exemption documents.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Step 4: Explain why you’re pursuing verification

Facebook has many strict policies about business accounts. To integrate our company’s Facebook presence more closely with our other social media presences, it is helpful to have one verified account on the platform. We help promote new businesses that are not yet verified or who are uncertain of how the process works. We are able to accomplish this because of our many experiences with page management and developing strategies for building businesses on certain platforms.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Step 5: List your other social media accounts and add comments

When using Facebook Business Manager, it is important to make sure you add your other social media accounts (Twitter and Linkedin). It’s best if you add them here in order for Facebook to verify your account.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Step 6: Send the request and wait for a decision

After completing the information requested, you have to click send. In the email box pop up a message saying that Facebook will review your request and after 30 days will let you know what they concluded. Sometimes it takes as little as 48 hours but for large corporations or businesses with many branches, Facebook’s team may need to dig deeper to manually review the documents provided in order to confirm the authenticity of your claim.

Why can’t I verify my Facebook Page?

Facebook does not permit the use of Pages that are set up to represent individuals, celebrities, or public figures. It also doesn’t allow Pages representing businesses operating in specific industries, unless the content posted usually has the purpose to provide information related to that industry. If your Page fits one of these descriptions, please contact Facebook support.

1. There’s an issue with the documents you submitted

The documents you submitted could have a few issues that are holding you back from getting verified.

For example, your document may:

  • Not be of an accepted type — learn more about correctly uploading official documents here.
  • Be a self-filed document — Facebook needs documents with an accompanying official signature or seal.
  • Be blurry, low resolution, expired, unviewable, or corrupted — ensure you’ve scanned your document in high resolution.
  • Not contain your full business address.
  • Be in an unsupported language.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Attention to detail and thorough organization is necessary when it comes down to starting your own business. One of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is just how difficult it can be to organize all of the specific information that they’ve accumulated on various documents.

For instance, if you get a few bank statements and just throw them into an envelope with other important business documents such as your credit report or even some licenses and tax filings, we may not accept them without having the name on the statement specifically match up with what we have in our system since we must verify identities so that we know exactly who is using our services and running their business under Facebook’s brand and platform.

The key to success regarding starting a company is making sure that all identification papers are valid because this could prevent legal issues in the future especially if you are collecting money for products or services.

5 tips to increase your chances of getting verified on Facebook

The best way to get Facebook to verify your page is to make sure you have a complete profile page. Don’t leave anything blank! Be sure that you include things like account information, necessary contact information, etc. It’s not enough just to build up an audience for your page though.

If people are coming to follow your business through Facebook, it’s important that they see what you have to offer while they are there. That means posting regularly so that people see your life/page updates in their news feeds instead of losing track of what draws them in originally.

1. Build a complete profile and post regularly

Whenever you create a Facebook page for your company or business, you should always complete the profile and cover image sections. This means having a public profile to represent your company and a cover image. The About section should be filled out to include your mission statement and various ways in which people can contact you such as an email address or even a physical address if that’s what you’re comfortable with providing publicly.

2. Have a clear reason for why your business needs a verification

It’s worth the extra effort to make sure that you’ve done everything that you possibly can to make your verification request successful. The stronger your application, the more likely it is for Facebook to approve your request. Review the sample reasons we shared earlier about how others have succeeded with getting verified and try to see specifically what made their reasons convincing enough for Facebook to go through with verification.

3. Talk about your brand’s mentions in well-known publications

Talk about how your business has received positive feedback or mentions. Did your company recently make any news? Did you, as an executive, comment on comments that were published on social media? Your brand’s reach to its online audience can be an impressive addition to your profile.

4. Know the additional requirements for certain accounts

You know that Facebook has a bunch of specific guidelines that it requires its user accounts to adhere to. While the rules do not specifically affect your regular e-commerce account’s verification, as a business owner, it doesn’t hurt to know about Facebook’s additional verification rules for law enforcement agencies, city government agencies, public officials, or civil organizations.

4. Know the additional requirements for certain accounts

5. Keep your Facebook account professional and relevant

You should always keep a professional and relevant Facebook account. This will ensure that your page is instantly recognized as a serious contender to be verified, and always remember to share on-brand content. Don’t include anything that may have a negative impact on your credibility such as being seen as being unprofessional, posting off-brand logos or personal content, uploading low-quality photos, having posts with poor grammar and spelling errors, not using the correct tone, etc.

How to stay verified on Facebook for your Page?

When a person receives a blue badge, they want to keep it for as long as possible. Therefore, people should try not to do anything that could cause the badge to be removed from their account. There are many ways people can lose their verification status.

If someone was found violating guidelines from the association that granted them the badge or Facebook’s Terms of Service or Community Standards, then the person would lose their verified badge. Also, if someone was found engaging with people who were trying to sell badges, then they would lose the badge.

Other important things to know about Facebook Page verification

The process of getting verified on Instagram is very similar if you are already verified on Facebook. If you already have the checkmark on your Facebook page, however, there is no need to verify your account on Instagram—you can simply link your two accounts together.

If your business’s Instagram account has the little blue checkmark (and isn’t otherwise verified), you can link it to your branded Facebook page in order to send people over to view more details about who you truly are at a glance. Your audience will recognize it as an authentic profile.

How to Verify a Facebook Page in 2022 with 6 Easy Hacks

Time to get verified, Facebook Page:

Time to get verified, Facebook Page! Before you begin the verification process, it’s vital to have designated administrators for your account who are authorized to represent you. Interact with fans on your Page by responding to their comments and posts. If there are other company Pages that are sharing content related to yours, check how they’re gaining traction and use these insights to influence potential customers. Also, consider adding apps similar to the one you have created so folks can engage with them on your Page. More tips are below about submitting an application.

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