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Advance Course 2022

Starting Facebook Instream Ads Course Batch 09 from 20 DECEMBER 2021

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For more than 20 years as a managed IT leader, we’ve worked in partnership with clients of all sizes from mid-market to Fortune 100 to innovate and realize their vision.

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What is Facebook In-Stream Ads?

Ad breaks are short ads that appear before or during longer-form videos on Facebook that build loyal fan followings. … There are three types of ad breaks today – mid-roll, pre-roll, and image ads.

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Facebook Reels Play

Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook Ad Breaks Module 1

All about In-Stream Ads

  • Introduction to earning money from in-stream ads in your videos
  • How to Use Creator Studio (Deeply Explained)
  • Types of contents you can use for instream ads without any copyright
  • How to make your own content ( Special Method)
  • How to complete criteria with your own content
  • How to Earn from Gaming Content
  • How to Monetize your Facebook Page with In-stream Ads
  • How to mange page from Pakistan
  • How to find Groups for Million Views
  • Group sharing method (Manual/Auto)
  • How to manage multiple Facebook Ids for group sharing
  • How to secure Payouts to avoid holds
  • How to change Bank without getting pause issue
  • How to chat with payout support team
  • How we earn 100k$ in a month from instream ads (Case Study)

Advance Module


  • Introduction to Facebook Bonus Program
  • What are Reels on Facebook
  • Eligibility Criteria for Reels Bonus
  • How to increase chances to get Reels Bonus living in Pakistan
  • What type of content you can use for Reels
  • How to share Reels in secure way
  • How to earn 35k$ from reels in one month
  • How to receive Reels payment in Pakistan
  • How we Make 35k$ in 2 days from Reels (Case Study)

Why Join Us

Extra Advantages

  • Earning in Days
  • Automation Groups Sharing
  • Received Payments in Pakistan
  • Payment Hold Solutions
  • Payment Pause Solutions
  • Get USA Bonuses in Your Laptop / Mobile

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9:00 PM Live Session

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