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Starting Facebook In-Stream Ads Batch 05 from 16 Feb 2021 In Sha Allah.

Module 1 Introduction

  1. Types of Facebook Monetization
  2. How We Can Earn from Facebook In-stream Ads
  3. How to find a niche (Topic) for Facebook Monetization
  4. How to choose Perfect name for your Facebook Page
  5. How to Create Facebook page with full setting
  6. How to make your Page look professional
  7. How to check eligibility criteria for In-stream Ads
  8. How to use Creator Studio step by step guide

Module 2 Facebook Ads Manager

  1. How to create an ads manager account & add Billing Details
  2. Payment Method Issues Updated
  3. How to Recover Disabled AD Account
  4. How to Recover Restricted Ad Account (Special Method)

Module 3 Finding & Creating Videos

  1. How to use videos from Instagram without any Copyright
  2. How to use videos from YouTube without any Copyright
  3. How to use videos from TikTok without any Copyright
  4. How to make your own Content step by step (Own method)
  5. How to download any video online
  6. How to find copyright-free music for videos Content
  7. How to create a unique viral video
  8. How to upload your video with full settings (New Trick)
  9. How to use Tags to make your video viral Ranking Method
  10. How to buy licensed viral video

Module 4 Monetization Requirements

  1. How to complete 10K likes in Cheap Rates
  2. How to complete 30k watch time in cheap Rates.
  3. How to get Targeted Likes in Cheap Rates.

Module 5

Complete Facebook Monetization Requirements (Free)

  1. Live Streaming special method to get more followers and watch-time (Updated)
  2. How to Use OBS broadcaster? (Content will be provide)
  3. How to get copyright free content for live streaming
  4. How To Find Active Public Groups For Sharing your stream

Module 6 Facebook Monetization

  1. What is RDP & How to use RDP and USA ID
  2. How to do country availability and bank setup
  3. How to Monetize your Facebook Page with In-stream Ads
  4. How to monetize videos (Personal Method)
  5. How to insert in-stream ads in your videos from Creator Studio
  6. Manage your in-stream ads payouts
  7. In-stream ads block lists and how to use them

Module 7

Finding Premium Groups and Group Sharing

  1. How to find premium Groups
  2. Group sharing method (Updated)
  3. How to manage multiple Facebook Ids for group sharing

Module 8

Boost Your Ad Breaks Earnings

  1. How to use custom audiences for targeted views
  2. How to use cross-post to get more views
  3. Video suggestion method to make your video viral
  4. How to re-post your viral video
  5. How to increase your video RPM to make more money
  6. How to earn by selling services in the market

Module 9 Security and Restrictions

  1. How to create a Business manager account
  2. How to secure your Facebook page and profile
  3. Facebook In-stream ads policies Briefing
  4. How to remove restrictions & violations (Special Method)


  1. How to Work On Fan pages (Earning Method)
  2. How to grow page free & organically
  3. How to get free boosting credit from Facebook


(Secret Classes)

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